Roof battens

TIMBERTIME Ltd is a leading supplier of regularized battens for the European roofing market with years of experience.
Excellent sorting makes Latvian sideboards a perfect fit for the market needs.

Baltic Timber battens are produced in lengths from 3.0m to 6.0m with 0.60 step and in the three traditional batten sizes:
24 x 32 mm  ;  24 x 36 mm  ;  24 x 38 mm

The traditional battens are marked showing size, manufacturer, species, grade and treatment.

Baltic Timber battens are regularized assuring consistency -1; +1 in dimension.
Battens are strapped in mini-bundles of 12 pieces (3x4) for easy handling at the construction site and packed in half-packed for easy handling throughout the distribution chain.

Upon request Baltic Timber can offer battens for other market needs like
Britain Impregnated 19/25 x 38 or 25 x 50 or South Korea KD 29 x 29.